LeeWay Academy

Custom Schooling 8-12th Grades



NO Busywork!
NO Stress!
Seamless Transition from
Public or Private
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LeeWay Is...

The Perfect Solution to Covid & Online Busywork

Our students are academically excelled pupils in all 50 states who want to cut out the busywork, eliminate the stress, and graduate with honors. LeeWay students earn admission to all major universities.  Each student has an approved custom grad plan that takes half the time of regular school. No waste, just results! College admissions & massive scholarships. Students love LeeWay and college admission officers love our students!  -Limited openings-


LeeWay Is...

Global - Local | Online - In Person

Our students live anywhere & school anywhere. You choose classes online, in-person, private co-ops, face-to-face virtual, self-paced, or dual credit.  Each student completes a highly customized set of courses designed to optimize learning and impress college admissions while adhering to state regulations for honors graduation. You have control but our expert counselors and strategists are with you every step of the way.

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LeeWay Is..

Fully Approved

LeeWay is a custom private school operating under Texas alternative school law. The parent or guardian is the school authority.  LeeWay is trained staff, guidance, documentation, class options, test validation, and vetted partnerships for your success.  Our coursework has been  accepted by Princeton, Stanford, MIT, West Point, Cornell & many more. We are NCAA approved.  We participate in AP Scholars & Dual Credit.


LeeWay Is..

Uniquely Affordable

Monthly tuition covers: Assessments, Document Officiation, Class Enrollments, Tests Referral & Resume Validation, Deadline Notifications, Service Ops, and Vetted Resources.  Additional à la carte services include: Tutoring, Counseling, Aptitude Testing, plus College Selection, Applications, Essays, & Scholarships,. LeeWay consistently produces well-rounded graduates who are prepared for college, career, and life success.  Skip the busywork and enjoy learning again!

Students can complete up to 50% of their college degree for free!