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LeeWay Academy

Custom Schooling 9-12th Grades
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Our students are academically accelerated pupils who want to cut out the busywork, eliminate the stress, and graduate with honors.  LeeWay students have earned admission to every major university in the USA, Europe, and Asia.  We customize for total flexibility and optimal learning -- Established 1994.

Custom School 8-12th

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Our students live all over the world and school on a LeeWay campus or online, in co-ops or via college partnerships.  Each student takes a highly customized set of courses designed to impress college admissions. Our expert counselors and teachers are with you every step of the way.

Global - Local

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LeeWay coursework is fully accredited and accepted by colleges worldwide including West Point, Stanford, & Cambridge. We are NCAA approved and participate in AP Scholars, IB Capstone, and Dual Credit. Getting into great colleges with top aid is about working smart and being strategic.


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96% of LeeWay students go to their choice university.  And 100% get some degree of financial aid. LeeWay produces well rounded graduates who are prepared for college, career, and life success.  Admission to LeeWay is by invitation only, but if you are ready to be a happy, healthy, successful student, then we want to meet you!

College Success!

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