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College Planning


Planning for college & financial aid is central to LeeWay

We meet students in Dallas - San Francisco - New York City - and via Skype.


College Planning
College Scholarships
College Screening
College Admissions Specialist

Kathe Lee is a recognized expert on high school to college success. She lives in Dallas, Texas and custom schooled her own children. She is the author of "College Planning Using Dual Enrollment".


Kathe consults with numerous university and advises for LeeWay Academy.

"Kathe's expertise is finding solutions
to anything that interferes with
the learning process" - Education Today

Anxiety and stress are a common factor in schools today. Stress directly interferes with academic goals.  Simple but effective changes can be made to the school program that will allow any student to succeed. 
Learning differences can create lack of motivation, poor time management, and lackluster test results.  You can spend a lot of money and time trying to find a solution or you can learn how to succeed despite ADHD, Dyslexia, Aspergers, or Processing Issues.
In Person or Online

We only sell time!  Book it when you need it.  If you have questions related to learning, high school planning, college admissions, or financial aid, we will have the answers.


Visit our online portal and schedule a slot to talk to Kathe Lee by phone, Skype, or in person

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  4. We contact you

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