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At LeeWay, every student has a custom-made program that was designed around their needs and goals. Goals may stay fairly static but needs can change with some regularity. Now that you have started your spring classes, co-ops, tutoring, and clubs, let us know what works and what does not.

For dual enrollment students, if you are strugging with a class, let us work with your tutors to correct the issues. We can also intervene with the college but it must be sooner rather than later.

For co-op, if the schedule, drive, curriculum, or environment is not working for you, then let us know so we can make an adjustment. Please do not just drop classes without consulting your LeeWay advisor.

For clubs, remember to make it about exploration. You are not locked in to anything. Go, check things out, and give it a fair try. If it is not a good fit then bow out and move on to something else. Never stop exploring. You won't find your future sitting at home.

For tutors, it is vital that you feel a connection to each tutor. If you are working with someone that is just not a good fit, it is not a bad reflection on anyone, but we need to make changes. Contact us and let us know. We are waiting for feedback!

The Staff,

LeeWay Academy

Dallas, TX

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