ACT Testing

Time for the ACT Test

If you are in 11th grade and plan to go off to a university immediately after high school then you will need to take your first ACT between January & April 2020. This first test will be a baseline so prep is not necessary (but it never hurts!).

Based on the results of this baseline, you will retake the ACT in June and September for a last ditch shot at college admissions and aid. Yep! ACT is one of two test that colleges use to determine whether or not to offer you admission. You will need a minimum score of 23 for most schools and upwards of 32 for top notch financial aid.

If you get accepted to a university, this test will also be used by financial officers to determine your eligibility for merit-based aid. These are scholarships and grants that do not have to be paid back. They are the biggest sources of non-loan financial aid. If you are a good tester, preparing for and taking the ACT at the right time is critical.

The best way to prepare for this test is to contact your LeeWay Staff and ask for a copy of our ACT Prep Guide. Registration must be completed 45 days before the test and prep should take at least 3 weeks. Plan Ahead

This will be your baseline. If you already have an official ACT, then you can skip this test. If you are planning on taking a transfer route to college, then you can skip this test. If you are uncertain, then talk to the Director asap!

The Staff,

LeeWay Academy

Dallas, TX


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