Back To School

Everyone know that kids go back to school in August. Not just elementary, middle, and high school... college students begin their tenure in August as well. By September the "Back To School Movement" is in full swing. Classes have started, homework is assigned, bus routes are established and cliques are starting to form. Now is the time to make sure the year gets off to a great start.

How do you do that?

Well, its all about picking the right classes with the right teachers. The right classes with great teachers is what determines the two most important things you will ever do in high school.

  1. Maintain a great GPA (3.80 or better)

  2. Maintain student motivation.

Why do these things matter so much. Well, when you apply to colleges, you are going to need money in order to make it affordable. Money is based on 7 things but the one that pays the best is merit-based financial aid aka scholarships. To get merit-based financial aid, colleges will want to see that you have great test scores. That would be SAT or ACT. Then they will want to see that you have a great record of service, leadership, and awards.

If you have one great test scores and a good extracurriculars record then you will get into good colleges and they will want to offer you a primary scholarship that will equal about 50% of your overall tuition. But here's where it gets tricky....

No matter how great your test scores and extracurriculars record are,

you will NOT be eligible for scholarships if your high school GPA is too

low! How low is too low? It depends on the college but at good schools

you are usually in trouble if your GPA is below 3.80.

Any student at any school should have the power to move to a classroom with a teacher that the student likes. As school starts, talk to your counselor, parent, or advisors about your teacher choices then pick classes that will motivate the student while protecting the GPA. It will pay off big time come college admissions time. Don't wait till senior year, it will be way to late. Start freshman year and follow through every semester.

Happy learning!


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