CLEP Scores

What CLEP Scores Mean

Last month you learned that you can take a single test called CLEP and get college credit. This is a good thing. You also learned that not all colleges will accept all CLEPs so if you are not careful you could do a lot of work for nothing. This would be a bad thing.

This month is about CLEP scores. What they mean, what you need, and how to do better.

CLEP is out of 80. A top CLEP score is an 80. The lowest score you can get is a 20. If you do the math, that means that the halfway mark is a score of 50. Which is exactly what many school require in order to give you credit for a subject;-- a 50 on a CLEP. More selective colleges will usually require a 60. This means that somewhere between 50-70 percentile on a CLEP test will get you 3-8 college credits in a single subject.

What if you fail a CLEP? Meaning, what if you score less than 50%? What are your options?

  • ReEvaluate - The first step is to understand why you failed the test. Most people only fail by a small margin. If this is your case then a little prep along with a retake can solve the problem.

  • ReSchedule - You can retake CLEPs. But you will have to wait 3 months in-between testing. Other than that, there is no penalty for retaking a CLEP test. Once you pass your CLEP, you can submit it to the college you want to bank it with.

  • ReTake - You can learn more about retaking CLEPs at

What if you do really, really bad on your first CLEP? If your original CLEP score is 25% below the number you need for a passing score, then CLEP is not for you. This is a hard pill to swallow but the key to life in general is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and working with that reality. There are other ways to get college credits.

Poor testers can be GREAT students!

Don't believe me? Less than 20% of high school seniors do "well" on SAT/ACT. This is a well documented fact. But more than 70% do "well" in high school according to their report cards. This happens because being a great student involves intelligence, work ethic, and picking good teachers. While testing requires intelligence, focus, and fast recall. Not everyone has focus or fast recall and neither are skills that are taught at school. Yes, these skills can actually be taught.

Its never too late to learn how to be a good tester. But that is a topic for a whole other blog. In fact, I think we will have a guest blogger next month and talk about exactly this subject. See you then.

Next month we will talk about good testers vs. great students, and how to be both.

CLEP is ideal for students who can tests well.✿

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