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College Admissions: Step by Step

You're halfway through your junior year and starting to realize that you've got a lot to get done and a short time to do it. Don't worry. This super succinct little checklist will get you to your goal . . . . College Admissions!

October 2020 - Take PSAT NMS
  • Prep only if you have a realistic shot at National Merit

  • Otherwise, relax and use this as a way to get familiar with the SAT

  • Start doing online college research and visit colleges till next summer.

February 6, 2021 - Take 1st ACT
  • Do basic prep for 2 weeks before.

  • Put special focus on the science section.

  • This is just a baseline so relax!

March 13, 2021 - Take 1st SAT
  • Do basic prep online.

  • Don't buy professional help just yet.

  • This is a baseline that will be compared to your ACT results.

April 2021 - Get A Testing Strategy
  • Email or book a comparison review.

  • We will analyze the results of both your SAT & ACT.

  • We will tell you which one can be increased the most easily

  • We will tell you exactly how to target your prep for that one test.

  • Then you will retake that one test in August or September.

July 1, 2021 - Start Your Essay/Resume/References
  • Write your master essay based on Prompt A of ApplyTexas

  • Trust me, it will work for any college app with just a few tweaks.

  • Email 2 or more teachers to write a referral. These will be due 10/1.

  • Email 3 or more mentors to write a referral. These will be due 10/1.

  • Download our Resume Template and start your resume.

RESUME - Template 1
Download DOCX • 29KB
August 1, 2021 - Start Your App!
Aug/Sept - Take the SAT or ACT that will Count!
  • August 28, 2020 - Take Last SAT or

  • September 11, 2021 - Take Last ACT

  • Make sure to do serious prep for this test.

  • This is where you should consider a pro!

October 2021 - Finish Your App!
  • If you just want to get in, then take your time.

  • If you want to get money, submit all apps by 11/1/21.

  • That includes essays, resume, references, and tests scores.

  • Make sure to get your app optimized before you submit.

  • If you need a last ditch SAT, take it 10/2/21.

  • If you need a last ditch ACT, take it 10/23/21.

November 1, 2021 - Everything is Due!
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