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SAT Prep: Bring on success!

Spending $1000's on specialty SAT test prep and investing months of effort in after-school tutoring have become the norm.

Yet SAT scores have remained flat since 1972.

Of course there are exceptions.

Gifted testers who are taking a top-notch prep program for the very first time, can raise scores by as much as 115 point. In rare cases even more. But these test-prep-steroid superstars represent less than 10% of testers, yet they are touted by paid prep centers as proof that their programs work. So, how is a student to prepare for this pesky exam?


At LeeWay Academy, every student gains admission to the college of their choice AND they are offered scholarships based on academic merit.

We know what works!


Curriculum + Instructor + Timing

The best low-cost test prep curriculum is Khan Academy The best paid prep is PrepScholar Complete Plus. The best instructor is a private tutor hired off Wyzant after being vetted by a parent or school then selected by the student. That means that the student must feel connected to the tutor.

My own vetted tutors include:

The best timing is to start exactly 30 days before the exam. Prep Monday through Saturday and make Sunday 100% free of any type of academics. Work 1 hour per day (or night) then stop. Work math related areas of weakness on MWF. Work reading areas on TR. Then use Saturday to take timed tests, but only 2 test sections each Saturday, no more!

My Own Favorite Schedule

(based on the most common areas of weakness)

Mon/Wed/Fri - Heart of Algebra (HOA) & Problem Solving (PS)

Tues/Thur - Comprehension & Grammar aka "Reading and Grammar"

Saturday - One timed math section & one timed reading section

Sunday - Go have fun!

This model uses 20 hours of highly targeted prep at the right time for the best outcome.

  • Work 30 minutes in HOA, then 30 minutes in PS each MWF for 4 weeks.

Use the Khan master curriculum linearly. Don't jump around.

Pull from other Algebra & Problem Solving resources as needed.

  • Work 30 minutes on Reading, then 30 minutes on Writing on TR.

Use the Khan master curriculum linearly.

Pull from SAT Reading resources as needed.

Use Vocab Flashcards for a few minutes daily.

  • Saturday - One timed math section & one timed reading section

30 minutes of any Math section from a real SAT.

30 minutes of any Writing and Language section from a real SAT.

(If reading is fast but scores there are low then switch to any Reading section)

  • Sunday - Go have fun!


Once a week you should sit with a timer and take two separate sections of a real SAT (see below). Do not take the entire test ever! Start the day with one "Math Test" section from any SAT practice exam. This will take approximately 25-55 minutes depending on the test chosen. Then take a break for 1 hour or more, and sit for one more timed section. This time it will be the "Writing and Language Test" section. (That's right! Not the "Reading Test" section.)

After you finish each section, have someone grade the section for you then take 15 minutes to review and compare your answers to the correct answers. By week four, you will see clear patterns in the exams that will be of great help on the real test.

Currently, there are 8 available practice tests for the redesigned SAT, all of which have been provided by the maker of the SAT itself, the College Board. These tests are the absolute best ones to use for your SAT studies since they're the most similar to the test.

Practice Test 10: Questions | Answers | Answer Explanations | Essay

Fill in your answers using the SAT Bubble Form.


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