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The LeeWay student wants a smart & efficient way to graduate high school on time and with honors while positioning themselves for admission to top colleges and scholarships.


LeeWay students want to focus on athletics, equestrian, art, dance,  mission trips, travel, self-healing, or career planning, but still expect top academic outcomes.

No matter what kind of student you were at your old school, LeeWay offers a custom solution for success.



LeeWay is virtual.  We do not teach classes. All classes are taught by licensed professionals at an accredited place of your choosing. Opt for college classes, tutored, local coops, or by custom arrangement with various resources. Online, in person, or virtual -- the choice is 100% yours!



LeeWay tuition is a flat monthly fee year-round. No contract!


Additional costs includes books, tutors, outside classes, and college admission work.

NOTE: All core requirements may be earned as college credit for an additional fee of $0-400 per class.  Never repeat high school in college! Save time. Save money.



LeeWay admissions is ongoing to allow a smooth and seamless transition between schools.  April and October are ideal times to register for fall and spring start dates.  Email a request at least 6 weeks before you hope to start.

**All applicants must schedule a Full Advising Session with Kathe Lee prior to being considered into LeeWay Academy.

Limited openings


We limit enrollment to 104 students in order to support our staff and to assure the top-notch outcomes colleges have come to expect from LeeWay Academy. 



We tell each student what they need and provide numerous ways to fulfill that need.  Then the family decides what classes to take, where to take them, and in what order. We document & advise.


Each LeeWay student completes a highly customized college prep  program designed specifically for their needs and their unique post high school goals.  Every student graduates with a record that any college will reward with offers of admission and aid.


LeeWay is an umbrella for homeschoolers.  We provide unparalleled customization! We also facilitate, guide, and document at a level that is simply not available elsewhere.  The Parent is the Authority! Your choices. Our guidance. You goals done your way! We get you there.



LeeWay graduates typically receive a Texas private school diploma with distinction, performance acknowledgements, and optional Endorsements.  Many graduates achieve AP Scholar status, plus admission into the Phi Theta Kappa international Academic Honor Society (as well as various National Honor Societies).  All students may opt to complete up to 50% of their university level coursework in lieu of high school classes for an additional fee. Senior year is dedicated to career planning, testing (as desired), college or career admissions, and our renowned college advising.

The graduation ceremony is one-of-a-kind.  Walk the stage with your Associate's Degree, walk with your senior class at coop or private/public, or create your own event.  Custom & Cool.

Senior STAFF


Kathe Lee        Director of Students

Chloe Sims      Secretary

Jordan L.         Senior Administrator

Kelsey B.          Adminstrative Director

Cayden M.        Administrator Zone 1

Mary P.              Administrator Zone 2
Ying N.              Adiminstrator Zone 3

John L.             Director of Technology

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