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Each student earns 26 credits and graduates with honors & an ideal college application.

Classes take 1/2 the time of a standard high school. No rushing. No credit recovery.

All students are encouraged to complete college classes that will be transfer to any university.

Save Time. Get a Top Result. And Focus on Success.

ENGLISH - 4 Credits

You may bank any class w/grammar, literature, &  writing or take our version of the classes via Dual Credit, CLEP, or Custom.


  • English I - HS Mastery

  • English II - College Prep

  • English III - ENGL 1301 (earn 3 college credits)

  • English IV - ENGL 1302† (earn 3 college credits)

  All classes transfer to university as core (any major, any college).

  Freshman status for college admissions is preserved.

  Dual credit courses can be 3-16 weeks for 3 college credits.

  Dual credit courses can be free to $400 additional cost.

MATH - 4 Credits

Math is highly customized to fit long term goals & mastery. We don't just earn credits. We learn!

  • Algebra I - Math Mastery

  • Geometry - Math Applications

  • Algebra II - College Prep¤

  • Adv. Math - Career Based (earn 3 college credits)

¤Take and pass college entrance math exam after this class.

SCIENCE - 4 Credits

Includes biology, one life science, and one physical science. All classes include hands-on lab.


  • Biology

  • IPC (1 sem. Chem, 1 sem. Physics)

  • Adv Science (earn 4 college credits)

  • Adv Science (earn 4 college credits)

  Options include Archeology, Geology, Astronomy, Anatomy,

    Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, pre-med courses.


Includes World History or Geography, US History, US Government, Economics or Psychology/Philosophy.


  • World History¹

  • US HIST 1301/1302 (earn 6 college credits)

  • US GOVT 2305 (earn up to 6 college credits)

  • Personal Finance (earn 3 college credits)

  • Psychology (earn 3 college credits)


  These courses can be completed via dual credit or AP testing

LANGUAGES - 2 Credits (minimal)

Pick 2-3 years of any language (includes ASL, JAVA, Python).


  • American Sign Language I & II☨

  • Computer Programming I & II

  • SPAN,FREN,GERM,JAPN,CHIN 1411 & 1412

Options to test out are available.


Two 1 semester courses.  May include any sport, equest, fitness, band, cheer, nutrition, dance, or health.


  • PE I - Student's Choice (one semester)

  • PE II - Student's Choice (one semester)

TECHNOLOGY & SPEECH - .5 Credit Each

A one-half credit course including any computer related course, public speaking, or debate. 


  • IT - Student's Choice (one semester) **

  • SPCH 1311 (one semester) † (earn 3 college credits)


 **May be substituted for dual credit or private lessons.

FINE ARTS - 1 Credit

Two half credit courses in music, dance, art, theater, etc


  • ART or Dance Appreciation (one semester) † (college credit)


 **May be substituted for dual credit or private lessons.

ELECTIVES - 4.0 Credits

Eight half credit courses of 70+ hours over 20 weeks.


  • Unit I - Driver's Ed or Certifications (opt)

  • Unit II - Health or Internship (opt)

  • Unit II - College Planning (opt)

  • Unit IV - Life Skills Training or Work Study (opt)

  • Unit V - Student's Choice †

  • Unit VI - Student's Choice †

  • Unit VII - Student's Choice †

  • Unit VIII - Student's Choice †

 † Electives may be used to complete up to 2 years of your university core while in high school, or complete a career pathway, internship, job, or personal pursuits such as gymnastics, equestrian, or specialty training.


All classes available on campus, online, face-to-face virtual, privately, or through individual tests.

Self-paced options too.

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