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UT Scholarships - The Top 5

Updated: Feb 3

College is expensive. UT is $28,000 per year as of Fall 2024. This makes a college degree a huge financial investment --- even at a relatively inexpensive state university. The only way to make it affordable is to get a little piece of the $475 million in financial aid that UT gives out to over 30,000 students each year. Whether the funds come from the university, private foundations, donors or other entities, outside funds contribute to students’ succeeding at the university.

Students that don’t have to work are more likely to graduate on time and with better performance,”
says Diane Todd-Sprague, director of financial aid. Not having to worry about tuition payments enables students to benefit from the networking community, learning opportunities and work experiences that scholarships can offer.


University Leadership Network

Awarded to 500 students per year

Average value $5,000 per year

Eligibility requirements - Incoming freshman with high potential and financial need

“The most important indicator of whether a student will struggle to graduate is whether he or she comes from an under-resourced background,” says David Laude, senior vice provost of enrollment and curriculum services. “We created the University Leadership Network to help students with the most financial need succeed and graduate in four years.”

ULN is an incentive-based scholarship program designed to help students be part of a community and provide them with leadership training. Students invited to participate in the program are held accountable to their academic goals with weekly meetings, professional development, community service, ULN events and reflection journal assignments. By meeting these program requirements students can earn $20,000 over four years.

Forty Acres Scholars

Awarded to 15-20 students each year

Average value $30,000 per year (includes $13,000 stipend for enrichment opportunities)

Eligibility requirements - Incoming freshman with high merit

The Forty Acres Scholars Program, funded by TexasExes, offers a rich college experience that provides academic, leadership and cultural opportunities within an intimate cohort of fellow scholars, who all have access to UT Austin’s vast and distinguished alumni network.

In addition to funding that covers all tuition, living costs and books, Forty Acres Scholars also have access to an “enrichment stipend” — $13,000 awarded to each scholar enabling them to pursue opportunities outside of the Forty Acres, from philanthropic projects to internships to study abroad. As part of the Forty Acres Scholarship Program students interact with accomplished alumni, including Michael Hartman, CEO of Amy’s Ice Cream, and Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey. These connections are crafted based on the students’ academic and professional interests.

Presidential Scholars

Awarded to 450 students each year

Average value $5,000 per year + $1500 Individual opportunity scholarship

Eligibility requirements - Incoming freshman with high merit and financial need

The Presidential Scholars Program is an incentive program designed to bring the best and brightest to the university. Offering around 450 scholarships a year, funded by donations, the Presidential Scholarship offers promising Longhorn students the resources and financial support they need to stay focused on their studies and engage in experiential learning.

“Through the Presidential Scholars program our students grow professionally and personally, becoming leaders who help maintain our university’s reputation as one of the best public research universities in the world.” —President Gregory L. Fenves In addition to financial support, scholars benefit from a dedicated team helping them navigate the institution. Presidential Scholars receive guidance on meeting with professors, taking advantage of learning resources and connecting with the UT community. The support team helps students craft their degree progress and stay on track to graduate. On top of the $5,000 given to the scholars annually, there is a one-time $1,500 Enrichment Scholarship to be used for an internship, research, study abroad or professional conference experience. The goal is to encourage scholars to engage in experiential learning, strengthen their resume and explore career options.

Terry Scholarship

Awarded to 60 Incoming students per year (Plus 100s at UTD, UTA, UNT, UTEP, UTSA, UTT)

Average value - Full Ride

Eligibility requirements - Incoming freshman and transfers with high merit, demonstrated leadership, and financial need. The Terry Scholarship has Longhorn roots. Howard L. Terry, BBA ’38, and his wife, Nancy, founded the Terry Foundation, the Houston-based non-profit that funds the scholarship. Terry, a self-made businessman born in Milam County in 1916, had a football scholarship to UT. He once said receiving that scholarship was one of the most important events in his life. In the spirit of paying it forward, the Terry Scholarship offers exceptional Texas high school graduates and transfer students assistance to cover tuition, books and living costs, renewable for up to four years for Traditional Scholars and up to three years for Transfer Scholars. The goal is to help the scholars graduate debt free. This year the foundation is sponsoring 1640 Terry Scholars statewide; on average, 80 of these Scholars enter UT Austin each year. The Terry Foundation’s goal is to foster enterprise by “helping Texas college students to help themselves.” Terry Scholars are not just outstanding students. They have also faced and overcome hardship or changed a small part of the world while still in high school.

Hutchison Scholarship

Awarded to 30 students per year

Average value $4,000 upon admission

Eligibility requirements - Incoming freshman with high merit and financial need

The Hutchison Scholarship opens the doors of international study to students who never would have considered it. “We found that waiting for first-generation college students to apply for study abroad wasn’t working,” says Margret Storm McCullers, coordinator of the Hutchison Scholars Program in the UT International Office. “There were institutional barriers keeping them out.” Unlike most scholarships, the Hutchison Scholarship has no application. The program offers a one-time award of $4,000 upon admission to approximately 30 outstanding first-generation college freshman as an invitation to study abroad. McCullers says, this proactive method “is reaching an audience that would not likely consider studying abroad.”


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